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Sea Oleena's self-titled album is the result of seven songs roughly recorded by Charlotte Oleena and handed over to her brother Luke to produce.


released July 8, 2010

Written and arranged by Charlotte Oleena
Produced by Luke Loseth
Mastered by Joel Grundahl



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sea oleena


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Track Name: Swimming Story
Sitting at the bottom of the swimming pool;
Did you see me?
I was a mermaid.
Track Name: Asleep at the Wheel
There's a forest on the ocean floor
There's an ocean on the northern shore
I think the shoreline loves the ocean more
There's a forest on the ocean floor

Note by note you captivate the clam shells
Capsize your little boat
It floats away
Sink below the surface of the ocean
Drowning in the words you wrote
Like watercolor paints
Track Name: Island Cottage
Blue sky, white snow
Brown bird sing slow
Morning fade out
Don't cry too loud
Bring me my love
Can't say too much
My heart skips stones
Your voice breaks bones

Somehow there's a ship inside a bottle
And a mountain in a picture frame.
For every open window there's a suitcase
Being packed and emptied out again.
There's a spider in the medicine cupboard
And the walls are full of mice again.
Track Name: Cold White Sheets/Empty Bed
Is it you who decides if my time's well spent?
Because I didn't leave my room today again.
I could ramble on for hours if the topic fit my interest.
Lately all my words are choked back down
Or delivered as a whisper just to compliment the silence
Of the cold white sheets on my empty bed;
Much too big of a space for the state I'm in.
There's nothing going on in my empty head;
Much too small of a space
For the books I've read to remain.
Track Name: Little Army
The crown on my head is glistening with the sky
The park up ahead is glistening with the evening light
The birds in the ceiling, the birds in the roof
The birds in-between the ceiling and the rooftop
They're making a nest
Something's making a mess
In my drawer / in my dresser
There's a little army
It's a little alarming
The crown on my head is glistening with the evening light
It's a little alarming
To see the window on the other wall
It's just a mirror
Track Name: Lull
Sleeping baby in the water
(I'll carry you / I don't know how tall I'll grow)
In the river
(I'll carry you / I don't know how tall I'll grow)
Float along
(I'll carry you / I don't know how tall I'll grow)